att-hpATimeTravellersGuide aims to search far and wide, old and new, in order to bring you the very best timepieces from around the globe. Our aim is to get ‘under the bonnet’ of the different brands we cover, going into depth about features and technology, and helping you make better informed purchasing decisions – after all, a timepiece should be for life!

Who are we?

Based in London, UK, we are a small group of writers with a passion for elegant watches. Our aim is to handpick only the finest brands and models and detail them all in one place, on our blog.
Whether it be a gift for a loved one, or a treat for oneself, a quality timepiece  will often be an individual’s most expensive luxury, serving them well for years to come and making a statement to others about stature and success… Helping people make the right decision is what makes us tick (forgive the pun!)

Our Aim

Buying a watch online is not easy – different website designs, feature detailing and merchant policy can be a potential minefield… Our mission is to present available brands and models in a more standardised format. Detailing specifics in a way that makes sense and allowing for easy comparison when making that all important purchasing decision.

We also hope to act as the goto place for consumer opinion and discussion in the watch industry. Later this year we plan to open a forum through which readers can interact and ask questions more freely – so stay tuned! At the moment we are only reviewing smaller independent brands, such as Christopher Ward (read our partner site’s Christopher Ward review here), we aim to add more brands in the future.

Write For Us

We are always looking for new contributors to share their stories and opinions; we will consider all well-researched and quality contributions submitted via our contact page.

We welcome both customers and brands alike, perhaps you have a suggestion, a question for our readers, or simply some feedback about how we could do things better… Either way, we’d love to hear from you!